24 Haikus for Christmas

My love letters make my husband cry. He has forbidden me from writing them. My beloved often stares at my printed works in progress and complains that they are too long. A famous poet inspired me to write haikus as love letters to my forever mate. I have read these to him and he has rewarded me with joy and delight. I wanted to share them with you.

December 1

I bake to capture
a memory, a feeling
and awe in your eyes

December 2

I look for your smile
every morning I miss
my pick-me-up you

December 3

People walk away
to shun that spark too painful
to risk hope dying

December 4

Stormed into my life
I pushed against the current
lost pride in regret

December 5

I can watch you sleep
and not want anything else
but your next deep breath

December 6

Standing in the rain
umbrella in hand, waiting
your smile warmed my heart

December 7

When dancing started
you gave me a wicked grin
and tugged on my hand

December 8

In a crowded room
I see you looking at me
still holding me close

December 9

I cannot bear it
seeing you hurt and broken
you are mine to fix

December 10

You held my hand and
defied death with a promise
to love me always

December 11

Your generous heart
humbles me, makes me kinder,
and all endearing

December 12

I chose to wear jade
I needed superpowers
and you indulged me

December 13

Sometimes I forget
I crossed an ocean for you
because you’re my home

December 14

Effortless, with you,
there is no need for a mask
I am all you need

December 15

Closing the chapter
forgetting there ever was
a me before you

December 16

Fingers intertwined
staring down different roads
choosing to stay one

December 17

Like a guitar’s strings
my body trembles and sings
beneath your fingers

December 18

The cold is no match
for the fire under your skin
that torches my own

December 19

When you make me wait
I grow impatient and sad
then I see your face

December 20

How you indulge me
your quest to make me happy
defies all limits

December 21

I love waking you
though you may grumble at me
just to taste your smile

December 22

When I am wary
of temptation that lurks near
with you I find peace

December 23

Snuggling on the couch
always turns into wrestling
and laughing with you

December 24

And my heart is full
because you are mine to love
I am contented

Liza Cordero

Code weaver, storyteller & audiobook addict.Liza lives in sunny California with her husband and all the characters in her head, which she unleashes into the world through her writing.
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