24 Haikus for Christmas

My love letters make my husband cry. He has forbidden me from writing them. My beloved often stares at my printed works in progress and complains that they are too long. A famous poet inspired me to write haikus as love letters to my forever mate. I have read these to him and he has rewarded me with joy and delight. I wanted to share them with you.

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Rob Dircks: Writing Style Versus Premise

You're Going to Mars

Have you ever enjoyed the writing style of an author without being impressed by the subject of his story? Science fiction and reality tv shows should never be brought together. I’ve watched so many seasons of Survivor, Dancing With the Stars and The Voice to last me a lifetime – no more, please. To have this concept infect a genre that never fails to bring me awe and wonder is unfair. But that is the premise of You’re Going to Mars! by Rob Dircks and I’m still a little conflicted by my experience.

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What If…


My stage plays back in high school always started with the question, “What if?” I think the whole genre of speculative fiction started with this question. One of my lingering hypotheticals is What if all modern creature comforts were taken away from the world and I had to survive by hunting for my own food, building a fire to keep warm, defending myself against zombies? Ok, maybe edit that last one to predators. The book, Alter, by Jeremy Robinson asked the same question (minus the zombies) and I’m glad I decided to listen to its answer.

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Brandon Sanderson & Epic Fantasy

Before I discovered audio books and had almost stopped reading completely, I was a fan of medical thrillers. I picked up the books that my local bookstore displayed most prominently on their shelves, those novels that people are talking about. I took one look at how thick epic fantasy novels were and moved on to the next display category. Until I downloaded Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn and the rest, as they say, is history.

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