What If…


My stage plays back in high school always started with the question, “What if?” I think the whole genre of speculative fiction started with this question. One of my lingering hypotheticals is What if all modern creature comforts were taken away from the world and I had to survive by hunting for my own food, building a fire to keep warm, defending myself against zombies? Ok, maybe edit that last one to predators. The book, Alter, by Jeremy Robinson asked the same question (minus the zombies) and I’m glad I decided to listen to its answer.

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Michelangelo & Kalian Gaines


My husband and I went to an exhibit of Michelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel yesterday at the Christ Cathedral. His mastery of the human form was obvious in every brush stroke, but Michelangelo always identified himself as a sculptor not a painter. Kalian Gaines in Philip C. Quaintrell’s Intrinsic (The Terran Cycle Book 1) was a history professor and always thought of himself as human. Two very different characters, but if Michelangelo never took that paintbrush or if Kalian Gaines never tried to harness his powers – we would never know what one man can do to make a difference.

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Celebrating Mom & My Love

Stitch reading by Jim Shore

My mom always made sure we had books to read. It was how she first brought the world home to us. You could say she forced us to love books. She’s the best tiger mom in the world!

My husband loves Stitch and books. He spoils me by letting me collect these beautiful figurines by Jim Shore.

I thought this was the perfect image to celebrate two of my favorite people in the world.

Happy mother’s day, mom! Advance happy birthday, my love!

Sonnets & Writing

I fell in love with sonnets back in high school. Inspired by the works of Shakespeare and Wordsworth, I wrote my diary in this format. Poetry has not been part of my reading list for a long time since I write prose exclusively now. A friend’s shelf guided me to Pablo Neruda’s Love Sonnets and the poet’s beautiful words made my heart sing. These sonnets will definitely improve my writing.

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