Rob Dircks: Writing Style Versus Premise

You're Going to Mars

Have you ever enjoyed the writing style of an author without being impressed by the subject of his story? Science fiction and reality tv shows should never be brought together. I’ve watched so many seasons of Survivor, Dancing With the Stars and The Voice to last me a lifetime – no more, please. To have this concept infect a genre that never fails to bring me awe and wonder is unfair. But that is the premise of You’re Going to Mars! by Rob Dircks and I’m still a little conflicted by my experience.

The Good

Dircks made me feel every warm and heart-wrenching moment his protagonist goes through. His writing style was easy to read and flowed smoothly. His dialogue differentiated his characters and made the story enjoyable overall.

The Bad

A reality tv show to train astronauts to go to Mars. A megalomaniac playing god with contestants’ lives. An evil corporation keeping men off the red planet so they don’t discover a fuel better than methane, which they sell to power everything on earth. These are not new concepts, but they were never put together the way the author did.

The Verdict

Did I enjoy reading this book? Yes. Would I want to read more novels about reality tv shows? No. I would probably read more books by the very talented Mr. Rob Dircks. I think that he is the type of author that can write about any topic and produce an entertaining experience. I aspire to be this type of author and am sure to learn many techniques from him.


I will recommend this book to readers who enjoy stories about space exploration and young adult stories, with emphasis on the young here. Especially great for people with two wonderful sisters, a loving father and a doting grandmother plus an intelligent enabler of a mother who supported every dream she ever had – like me. The author had me teary-eyed from the start.

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